How to Setup

To integrate with, follow the steps below:

  1. Go to Account > Extras > > Manage and enter your Page ID and API Key. Then, set the Status to "On" and click "Submit".

  2. Go to Monitors > (sub-menu for specific monitor) > Edit > Advanced and enter your Component ID. Then, click "Submit".

What Happens

If an event occurs, Pingometer will automatically update the status of the Component.

  • Up = Operational
  • Down = Major Outage
You will still want to create a incident to update your users.


  • To obtain the Page ID and API Key, login to the Dashboard and click the top-right menu > Manage Account > API.
  • To obtain the Component ID, login to the Dashboard and go to "Components". Then, right-click to copy the "Edit" link to a specific component (e.g. ""). The last part ("cj4827gj4pc4") is the Component ID.
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