What is the code?

The code is a unique snippet of JavaScript that is used to collect data for a RUM monitor.

Here is an example:

<script type="text/javascript">
var _pmq = _pmq || [];
_pmq.push(['mId', '547d5856be653dgh47s8g9b0']);
(function() {
var _pm = document.createElement("script");
_pm.type = "text/javascript";
_pm.async = true;
_pm.src = "//cdn.pingometer.com/rum.js";

To install it, simply copy/paste the snippet before the closing body tag on any page(s) you want to track.

It's common to add the code to a footer template (so it's available site-wide), however, you can add it to specific pages.

It is fully compatibile with all tag managers and is loaded asynchronously.

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